Capetown Lobster Salad

A recipe from an ad for Ann Page mayonnaise and A&P published in 1957


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6 thoughts on “Capetown Lobster Salad

  1. Good ol’ A&P! I haven’t had pimiento-stuffed green olives with lobster, but imagine it’d be a nice pairing of the sweet and the salty/briny twosome, not to mention that the peppers’ red would make a nice highlighter for the lobster meat’s blush. Hmmm, must remember that. 🙂


    • TidiousTed says:

      Since I’ve been catching freshwater crayfish every August (that’s when the season is here in Norway) ever since I was 6 I think I’ll try it with crayfish tails this year 🙂


      • Perfect! Rekefest, here we come!! Here in Texas, it’s ‘crawfish’, and we’re spoiled in having the tails available frozen in big packs ready for cooking in gumbo and etouffee and such goodies, but I can imagine that just having them cooked, chilled and piled on a slab of buttery bread with a squirt of lemon juice would be just the thing, too. ‘Specially if I happened to have some good Aquavit and a beer chaser on hand, eh! Now you’re making me all hungry again….


        • TidiousTed says:

          You can get the crayfish tails both frozen and in brine here as well, but they are not cooked right (to my taste that is). We cook ours in heavily salted water with huge amount of dill and eat it as simple as possible; on whitebread with mayonnaise, with a little squeeze of lemon and freshly ground pepper. And Aquavit and beer of course. And eaten outdoors if the weather allows.

          By the way, “rekefest” is a Norwegian word. Does the Ingrid in your name show Norwegian herritage


          • Ja! My ancestors on both sides of the family were all from Norge; the last US immigrant in the bunch was my morfar (from Lyngdal), in the 1920s, but I’m sure I have distant cousins of all kinds all over the old country. My baby sister is married to a Norwegian and has lived with him and their family in Kristiansand for over 25 years, not far from some of the cousins we still have in regular contact, so that’s a nice way to keep connected as well. I’m sure my first real rekefest was at my sister’s on one of my visits with her. 😉

            I would very happily live on the old turf as well, if it were feasible, but have to settle for visits when my husband and I can afford it, and since I *do* have family in the country, I’ve seen very little of Norway: every visit is spent with the family! My husband has at least toured a bit with his choirs, so he’s seen more of my ancestral land than I have. My middle name is after one of my aunts, by the way. 🙂


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