Cherry liqueur – Kirsebærlikør

An old recipe handed down from my grandmother


In my family we have made cherry liqueur for at least four generations. My grandmother, who was a tea-totaller by the way, taught me how to make it and I have taught my daughters. You may find our recipe a little different than others as we spice it and we don’t remove the pits from the cherries – Ted



6 thoughts on “Cherry liqueur – Kirsebærlikør

  1. electriclesbian says:

    Jeps, den skal laves. 😀


    • TidiousTed says:

      Hvis du følger oppskriften og tar deg tid til å vente vil du ikke angre på det 😉

      electriclesbian wrote:
      Oh yes, I’ll make that one
      And I answered.
      If you follow the recipe and wait long enough you will not regret it 😉


      • electriclesbian says:

        Jeg drikker ikke alkohol; den skal jeg lave til julegaver! Så for blandingen en hel masse tid til at sidde og udvikle sig.


        • TidiousTed says:

          electriclesbian wrote:
          I don’t drink alcohol; I’ll make it for Christmas presents! That way the mix gets a lot of time to develop.

          My liqueurs (I make red current, plum and cherry) also end up as Christmas presents. I hardly ever drink anything stronger than beer 😉

          Red current liqueur is made just the same way as cherry liqueur by the way.


          • electriclesbian says:

            I make cherry, ginger, lemon, raspberry, strawberry, elderflower, elderberry, blackcurrant, chamomile, cinnamon, mint, peach, pear, and apple. 😀 I save some for myself for baking/cooking purposes, bottle the rest and give it away. With the fruit ones, I save the fruits for baking/cooking as well 🙂


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