Soft Drink & Soda Saturday

rc_cola_003I’m not much of a drinker when it comes to alcohol and never drink anything stronger than beer. This has naturally lead to an interest in sodas and soft drinks and those of you who follow my other blog will have noticed that I run a presentation of sodas and soft drinks there every Tuesday and since I’ve got links to hundreds of soft drink and soda pages I thought I might as well start to present some of them here as well where they might be said to fit better in. This is after all a blog about food and drinks.

The sodas and soft drinks with a bit of history is of course the most interesting ones so I’ll be sticking to those mostly. Any suggestions you might have as to what soft drinks and sodas I should present and memories you might have connected to the ones that will turn up here on Saturdays from now on will be very welcome – Ted

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