Medieval Monday – Chewettes

A pie recipe found on One year And Thousand Eggs

Medieval Monday copy

If you’re interested in medieval and historic cookery you should definitely visit Eva Grelsdotter’s two very interesting web blogs: One year And Thousand Eggs and Let Hem Boyle

medieval vocabulary ingredients


See this and lots of other delicious recipes here:


915_chewettes2In Context:
From Eva Grelsdotter’s blogs: I am a re-enactor who have a passion for food history and cooking. In the SCA I am known as Mistress Eva Grelsdotter and I am a member of the Order of the Laurel (elevated at September 2013). At my first SCA event 1998 I found myself in the kitchen. I live in Finland (in the SCA known as Barony of Aarnimetsä). I am also a member of a re-enactment group called Merry Swan. In a real life I am not a professional cook but just an officer of one of Finland’s cities. At home I like to cook modern food too and I love to watch food related reality tv shows and food history documents.

This is my virtual kitchen where I put my recipes and thoughts about medieval and renaissance food. I started Let Hem Boyle after a personal one year challenge “One year and Thousand Eggs“. I hope that I manage to make medieval cooking look easy enough so those who have never tried to cook medieval food would be inspired to try.

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