Traditional Swedish Cheesecake / Smålänsk Ostkaka

A recipe from “Dreyers Kokebok I Bilder” (Dreyer’s Cook Book In Pictures) published in 1960

 smålandsk ostekake_post
traditional badge3Ostkaka is a Swedish cheesecake originally from Hälsingland and Småland. The cake is traditionally served warm with jam, cream or ice cream.

Ostkaka are traditionally made by adding rennet to milk and let casein clot. Cream, butter, eggs, almonds are then added to make the dough. It is then baked in the oven and served warm, not hot, since it will neutralize the distinctive flavour.

Traditionally, the cake is baked in a spacious copper pan. This has resulted in a tradition that allows guests to serve themselves from the centre of the cake, to avoid traces of copper that has been able to blend into the cake dough where it touches the pan.


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