Vintage Cook Book Wednesday – “Simple Directions For The Cook” by Caroline Reed Wadhams from 1917 in PDF

Vintage cookbooks

“Simple Directions For The Cook”
Caroline Reed Wadhams
published in 1917

From the preface: The author has long been interested in bettering the condition of household workers and has planned for their use the establishment of a hotel and recreation centre with classes in the different branches of household work. This has led to the preparation of these simple directions for the use of the many who may not be able to attend such classes but who desire to advance themselves by becoming more proficient.
      These directions are written for the cook. They are intended to assist her to do her work in the most approved way. 
      This book is not intended as a cookbook although a number of useful recipes are given. It is written for the use of those who apply for employment as cook and who are, therefore, supposed to know the fundamental principles of cooking.
      By following these directions the cook will be reviled of the necessity of constantly asking for instruction from her employer.

You can download the book by either clicking
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4 thoughts on “Vintage Cook Book Wednesday – “Simple Directions For The Cook” by Caroline Reed Wadhams from 1917 in PDF

  1. Thank you for sharing Ted! 😊


  2. Joy @ Yesterfood says:

    Incredible, a real treasure! Thank you for sharing this with us at Treasure Box Tuesday. Pinned! 🙂


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