Easy Christmas Cookies / Sukker Pleskener

A traditional cookie recipe from HistoriskKokekuns a blog run by the historic cooking club at the Norwegian National Archives 

021_sukker plaesker-post
021_sukker plaesker-post2The ladies running the blog writes:
Old fashioned Christmas cookies from scratch is cumbersome, you say? Nope! We have found a classic in Norwegian Christmas cookie tradition that is wonderfully easy in a busy advent season: Pleskener! Or, to stick to the name they went under in the Anker-Elieson families in the late 1700s: “Sokker Plæsker”.

You will hardly be satisfied with one of these cakes! Take three at once, and with a clear conscience. Not many calories here! And: there are currently many recipes for “pleskener”. One variant is to push a raisin or a piece of pickled lemon peel on top. Promise to try it!


See this book and lots of delicious recipes on:

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6 thoughts on “Easy Christmas Cookies / Sukker Pleskener

  1. Teresa says:

    Thanks for linking my Peach Sugar Cookie recipe. Your cookies look spectacular! I love Christmas cookie baking.


  2. I love traditional Scandinavian christmas cookies and this one is going into my list to try this Christmas! Thanks for bringing these to Friday Fiesta 🙂


  3. Happy Fiesta Friday, Ted! Yum… that was the first thing I said as soon as I saw the photo of those delicious cookies…. I’ll be adding this to my Christmas cookie list for sure! Loving the raisin in the middle idea… Thank you so much for sharing this recipe! As always…awesome recipe! ❤


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