Scottish Steak Balmoral / Biff Balmoral fra Skottland

A traditional Scottish dinner recipe from

Juicy meat with delicious mushroom sauce makes a wonderful dinner. Serve with mashed potatoes and some vegetables on the side. Sugar snap peas and shallots tastes good with this dish.


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2 thoughts on “Scottish Steak Balmoral / Biff Balmoral fra Skottland

  1. Oh yeah, this is a dangerous recipe for me. This is the kind of meal that I would overindulge and eat way too much of…. I’d like some of that sauce over noodles too! ❤ Happy Fiesta Friday! Thanks so much for sharing!!


    • TidiousTed says:

      I’ve done many variations of this recipe with beef and different game meats (I flambé with aquavit though, I’m Norwegian after all). But I never vary the sauce, that sauce is positively dangerously delicious. It’s great on pepper steaks too, and surely on noodles as you suggest 🙂


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