Christmas Fruit Cake / Julens Fruktkake

A classic Christmas fruit cake recipe found on tine.no110_fruitcake_post

Fruit Cake is for many Norwegians one of the main ingredients on the Christmas cake tray. The more dried fruits and nuts, the better it gets. Make the cake early, it can ripen in a cool place for several months (but not in the freezer). It becomes more and more juicy as the fruit gives away more and more liquid. Good durability here!

Tip: Wrap the cake in cellophane and tie with silk ribbon. It will be a great Christmas or hostess gift that is going to be much appreciated!

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3 thoughts on “Christmas Fruit Cake / Julens Fruktkake

  1. Jess says:

    Fruit cake’s a tried and true Christmas classic. Thanks for sharing 😀


  2. […] Christmas Fruit Cake / Julens Fruktkake […]


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