Café Brûlot – Burning Coffee / Brændende Kaffe

A delicious Christmas coffee recipe from
“MENU Juleretter” (MENU Christmas Dishes) published by
Lademann in 1976
café brûle_post

Café Brûlot stems from New Orleans originally, but has been absorbed by the Scandinavian Christmas tradition long ago, with our relationship with coffee there was of course no way we would let a classic like this pass us by.  Prepared at the table like suggested in the recipe it is perfect for Scandinavian Christmas cosiness.

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4 thoughts on “Café Brûlot – Burning Coffee / Brændende Kaffe

  1. Is this like a creme brulee coffee style? I could just imagine enjoying this in front of the fire, followed by hot chocolate (or mocha!)

    Thanks for sharing with us at Fiesta Friday 😀


  2. […] Café Brûlot – Burning Coffee / Brændende Kaffe […]


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