Wholemeal Rye Bread With Syrup / Grovt Rugbrød Med Sirup

A traditional Norwegian bread recipe from allers.no160_grovbroed med sirup_post

In the old days both dark beer and dark syrup were commonly used in bread dough here in Norway. It made the bread both taste better and stay fresh longer. Bread like this is specially well suited for serving with pickled or potted herring.

My mother often had dark syrup in the dough when she baked bread when I was a kid. I was not particularly fond of it then, but I am now. Sorry Mum – Ted

000_recipe_eng_flagg Recipe in English  000_recipe_nor_flagg Oppskrift på norsk

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4 thoughts on “Wholemeal Rye Bread With Syrup / Grovt Rugbrød Med Sirup

  1. Kaila511 says:

    Awh, I love your little sentiment to your mom. What a great personal touch to this dish. Thank you so much for bringing it to Fiesta Friday and have a wonderful new year!


  2. Oh how funny! I am exactly the same about a couple of things my mum cooked – detested them as a child but love them now. In fact one of the dishes, I haven’t had the courage to tell her about because I used to kick up such a fuss and really turn my nose up at it!!


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