Solo Soft Drink – Refreshingly Norwegian!

Solo gjennom åreneSome brands in Norwegian supermarkets are almost considered antiques, brands that were first launched in the late 1800’s.

Food has an ability to enlighten feelings, dreams and experiences which makes some brands more special than others. Norwegian food culture, the old traditional cuisine, has a number of products with strong affiliation. Norwegians are conservative and don’t want sudden changes within food products and brands.

ThorNews has previously written about other typical Norwegian brands like Kvikk Lunsj and Zalo, and this time we will gladly present a third arch-typical product; Solo soft drink.

Solo - Gult er kultLaunched in 1934, Solo is the top favorite beverage with its bright yellow color and refreshing taste, using real orange juice as a basis. Solo’s origin is Spanish, and its name comes from ‘Naranjina Solo’ meaning ‘only oranges’. Torleif Gulliksrud introduced the beverage to the Norwegians in 1934, after working in a Swedish brewery. In no…

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