Linie Aquavit

From an article on Saveur

177_linje aquavitLinie is the smoothest, richest aquavit we’ve ever sipped. Distilled from potatoes, with a robust caraway flavour, it’s aged, per Norwegian law, in oak. But the Oslo-based makers of Linie take it even farther—literally—by sending their casks off in the holds of ships, on a 19-week voyage that crosses the equator twice.

177_linje aquavit2

Along the way, the spirit sloshes around with the movement of the waves, and the barrels—formerly used to store sherry—swell and contract in extremes of heat and humidity, imparting the character of the wood and polishing the flavour, so that the gold-hued liquor tastes rounder and nuttier. While many aquavits overwhelm in cocktails, Linie mixes beautifully, providing a layer of deep, warm, woodsy spice.

Linie Aquavit, $27.99 for a 750 ml bottle on DrinkUpNY

177_linje aquavit3Note to the picture: The illustration indicates that Norwegian serve Linie and other aquavit straight from the freezer but this is not so. Real aquavit lovers, like myself, always drink it at room temperature. Serving it freezing cold robs the liquor of most of its marvellous rich flavours.

And another thing, aquavit is a snaps/shot kind of liquor most often enjoyed with a beer chaser, it rarely used in cocktails by Norwegians  – Ted


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