Hot Apple Kisses / Varme Eplekyss

A delicious apple snack found on
179_varme eplekyss_post

Apple wedges fried in a pan with honey and cinnamon. Delightful snack or dessert. Serve with vanilla quark or custard. It doesn’t get simpler and better than this.

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2 thoughts on “Hot Apple Kisses / Varme Eplekyss

  1. Looks delicious T-Ted!! What is quark?


    • TidiousTed says:

      Quark (pronounced “kvark”) is a type of fresh dairy product, common for the cuisines of German-speaking countries (Germany,Austria, Switzerland), northern Europe (Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Sweden), the Netherlands, Hungary, Israel, of Slavic peoples (e.g. Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Russians, Ukrainians and Belarusians), and of Ashkenazi Jews. It is made by warming soured milk until the desired degree of coagulation (denaturation, curdling) of milk proteins is met, and then strained. It can be classified as fresh acid-set cheese, though in some countries it is traditionally considered a distinct fermented milk product. Traditional quark is made without rennet; however in some modern dairies rennet is added. It is soft, white and un-aged, and usually has no salt added.


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