Fool Proof Dessert / Idiotsikker Dessert

A recipe from an ad for Nestlé’s Milk published in 19541954 Nestlé's Milk ad_post


Wonderful Wind-Up / En Herlig Snack

A simple recipe from an ad for Kraft American Cheese in Slices published in 19671967 Food Ad, Kraft American Cheese Slices_post


A Bit Of Nostalgia


Those of you who have been following this blog from the start may remember that I posted mostly retro posts in the beginning. These posts were build up from my old cookbooks and scans of old magazine ads.

I felt a bit nostalgic now that it was time to start up again, so get ready for three weeks of post from a time when sodas, butter and sugar was not only staple food, but regarded as both wholesome and healthy. Enjoy – Ted

Finally Back :-)

Well, I’m finally back foodie webwanderers, new hip joints and new computer. It’s just marvellous what they can do with titanium and technologically advanced plastic components in our day and age. To say I’m pain free would be and exaggeration, but what is left is absolutely manageable.

And best of all, my favourite web post and page builder LiveWriter, which Windows stopped updating, then removed from their download pages all together has risen from the ashes in open source version. Life is good!

You can download it here: