Dravle from Kvinnherad / Dravle fra Kvinnherad

A traditional recipe found on bygdekvinnelaget.no438_Dravle fra Kvinnherad_post

Dravle is traditional party food from Kvinnherad in the western part of Norway. Recipes vary a lot from place to place, but it was and is common to serve dravle with milk cakes and potato cakes.


2 thoughts on “Dravle from Kvinnherad / Dravle fra Kvinnherad

  1. Hilda says:

    This must be a very rich and delicious pudding.


    • tidiousted says:

      It’s not really a pudding, unless you use pudding in the somewhat oldfashioned Brirish sense of the word = meaning any kind of dessert. It’s not like anything else I’ve tasted really, but yes, it’svery rich

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