Mocha Cakes / Mokka Bakelser

A rather posh cake recipe found on

These cakes are just perfect for impressing a hostile mother-in-law or any other elderly relative with a dim view of your abilities in the kitchen. With a masterpiece like this on their plate when afternoon tea is served you got them all cornered – Ted 😉



4 thoughts on “Mocha Cakes / Mokka Bakelser

  1. themondaybox says:

    My hostile mother-in-law doesn’t eat sweets! I will eat two myself after her visit! Such pretty cakes!


  2. lol! I have a hostile stepmom who would love these! And she’d have a hard time talking when she was eating! 🙂 Gosh, did I just say that outloud!

    Thanks for bringing this by Throwback Thursday!



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