Australian Lamb Casserole / Australsk Lammegryte

A dinner recipe from a recipe card publshed by
Paul Hamlyn Ltd. in 1967
Australian Lamb Casserole_post

As this is a recipe card printed in Canada and the dish was Australian it was nice to see the dish served in a serving dish made by Figgjo Flint here in Norway. The dinnerware came in this blue design and a reddish/green one that I’ve got myself.


2 thoughts on “Australian Lamb Casserole / Australsk Lammegryte

  1. kunstkitchen says:

    Two facts: I can barely find lamb where I live because folks don’t eat lamb in this part of the world. It’s a cultural thing, that has nothing to do with vegetarianism. And this would make an excellent crock pot meal, if I used one, that is.


    • tidiousted says:

      As I mentioned on the post, the serving dish on the picture is Norwegian, and we eat lamb like there’s no tomorrow. So I think the author of that particular recipe card got his or her information mixed up. If you remove the olives, which would in no way end up in a Norwegian casserole, the recipe could easily be Norwegian in origin 🙂


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