Bratwürst in Beer / Bratwürst i Øl

A recipe from “Mat for Ølvenner” (Food for Beer Lovers)
published in 1987


A cookbook about beer without a recipe from Germany would be unthinkable, so why not just choose “Bratwürst mit Sauerkraut und Apfel”? In Germany, people are much better at using a splash of beer in the food and a few glasses of the same when the dish is done than people are most other places.


2 thoughts on “Bratwürst in Beer / Bratwürst i Øl

  1. Tim says:

    Sorry to nitpick, but that random umlaut is seriously going to annoy anyone who understands German: the correct spelling is either Bratwurst (singular) or Bratwürste (plural).


    • TidiousTed says:

      Quite all right Tim 😉 I actually do read German, but unfortunately just ocr-scanned the text in the book where I found the recipe not considering whether singular or plural would be correct 🙂


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