Crispy Waffles with Cream / Sprø Vafler med Fløte

A recipe from “Det Gode Norske Kjøkken”
(The Good Norwegian Kitchen) published by Gyldendal in 1981
sprø vafler med fløte_post

traditional badge baking_flatMost Norwegians are crazy when it comes to waffles. Very few Norwegians’ homes are without a waffle iron of some sort. I’ve got three, one old fashioned cast iron one of the type you use on the oven top, one electric cast iron one I bought at a jumble sale donkey’s years ago and on new one with non-stick coating. I hardly ever use the new one, but the old electric made of cast iron. It simply make the best waffles.

And Norwegian eat waffles other places than at home too. Around here you don’t run much of a café if you don’t have a large plate full of freshly fried waffles on your counter. Kids love them, grown-ups love them and old people love them –Ted


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