Boston Cream Pie / Boston Krempai

A recipe from “McCall’s Great American Recipe Card Collection”
published in 1973

Boston Cream Pie_post



5 thoughts on “Boston Cream Pie / Boston Krempai

  1. ingriwka says:

    Lucy Maud Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables), who still is one of my favourite authors, has a lot of quotes in her books about men and pie. Here are some of them:

    “She [Miss Cornelia] said she never knew a man who didn’t like pie better than his Bible. Do you know, I love Miss Cornelia.”
    (From Anne’s House of Dreams )

    “Mamma wanted pie, because she says every man in the world but Papa likes pie for dessert better than anything else ”
    (From Anne of Windy Willows )

    “Luckily I brought a pie with me. I knew Andrew would like it.
    Men like something substantial, you know, lovey.”

    This maddened Jane. She vowed in her heart that she would learn
    pie-making in a week’s time. Meanwhile she could only submit.
    When Dr Arnett came, Aunt Irene, a smiling and gracious hostess,
    made him welcome. Aunt Irene, still more smiling and gracious, sat
    at the head of the table and poured the tea and was charmed because
    Dr Arnett took a second helping of potato salad. Both men enjoyed
    the pie. Dad told Aunt Irene she was the best pie-maker in Canada.

    “Eating is not such bad fun after all,” said dad, with a faint air
    of surprise, as if he had just discovered the fact, thanks to the
    pie. Bitterness overflowed the heart of Jane. At that moment she
    could cheerfully have torn everybody in pieces.”

    (From “Jane of Lantern Hill”)


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