Steaks with Onions / Biff med Løk

A classic Norwegian restaurant dish found in
“Det Gode Norske Kjøkken” (The Good Norwegian Kitchen) published by Gyldendal in 1981
biff med løk_post

This rather simple and basic but delicious dish was a classic in Oslo restaurants in the nineteenth century up to the late sixties when the capitol’s population unfortunately lost track of their own culinary traditions and anything foreign from pizza to indian and chinese food became the order of the day.

It took nearly fifty years before we rediscovered our own traditional restaurant food and today we can fortunately again get a plate of steak with onion in a lot of the city’s restaurants.

In my youth I often dropped by my father’s workplace at lunch time on Saturday  and we would cross the street to an old small and dark restaurant  called “Brugården” for steak and onion, so I admit I’ve missed the dish and love the fact that it is now back on the city’s menus – Ted

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