Soda & Soft Drink Saturday – Mission Orange Soda

Mission Orange soda_03

Mission Orange soda_02The company that created Mission soft drinks went through several name and location changes over the years. Initially, California Crushed Fruit in Los Angeles produced the first soft drinks. Their Mission Orange soft drink was so successful that in 1933 they formed The Mission Dry Corporation and started bottling Mission Orange soda in a unique black bottle. By the 1950’s they had become Mission of California, Inc. with offices based in New Haven, Connecticut. Throughout their total history, they manufactured soft drinks from about 1929 to 1970.

117272_md2Around 1950 they began putting their soda into 1-quart cone top cans. Some of these cans can be very valuable. One website states that in 2000 a Mission Root Beer quart cone top can went for over $3000 at auction. They also put their soft drinks into flat top cans in mission orange soda_01the 50’s, but they didn’t really catch on with the consumer until the 60’s.

Flavours that Mission soda was available in included Orange, Lemon-Lime, Coco-Pina, Black Cherry, Cream and Root Beer, among others.

Mission soda production was based in California but was bottled all over the US. Do you have a Mission story you’d like to share? If so, please mail me or post a comment.

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