Soda & Soft Drink Saturday – Norwegian “Julebrus”


Julebrus is a Norwegian soft drink, usually with a festive label on the bottle. It is brewed by most Norwegian breweries, as a Christmas drink for minors, who aren’t eligible (by law) to enjoy the traditional juleøl (English: Christmas Ale). Although the soft drink is supposed to be for julebrus_03sale through December only, it is often found in stores as early as late October, along with the various sorts of Christmas candy.

Drinking Julebrus outside December is frowned upon by some.

The popularity of the drink varies from area to area, and in some places it is very popular with both children and adults. Many Julebrus drinkers have their favourite version from their favourite breweries.

Julebrus might have a sparkly red color, inspired by strawberry and raspberry, or a pale-brown color, similar to beer, depending on brewery and brand.


Several news papers and television programs holds Julebrus tasting tests before Christmas to check which of the season’s julebrus taste the best.


6 thoughts on “Soda & Soft Drink Saturday – Norwegian “Julebrus”

  1. Rincewind says:

    Älskar det eller julmust i Sverige. Oh bliss..


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