Food in Art

A series of paintings featuring food in different situations
found on

Artists, photographers and illustrators seem to have been fascinated by food in all aspects of life up through history. Harvesting, cooking, serving and eating, all of it can be found in paintings in galleries all over the world.

Some pictures may show poverty, some quite the opposite. Some are kitchen scenes, some show people round tables ar home, some in restaurants, some again show people eating outdoors.

Common for all these pictures and illustrations is the food, be it a girl peeling a potato, a woman having breakfast or farmers showing their goods at a market or Andy Warhol’s famous Cambell’s soup tins.

I hope you enjoy this small collection of food in art  – Ted

Klick the thumbs to see the full-size pictures

Food in Artpotatoesfb-640x424Velazquez

6 thoughts on “Food in Art

  1. Hi Ted, you accidentally linked to the Fiesta Friday Healthy Recipe Challenge link-up instead of the weekly Fiesta Friday Link Party. No worries, I will move those links for you but just in case you have more to link, here’s the post you need to go to:

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  2. kunstkitchen says:

    What a fun and surprising post on food in art! Delightful!

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  3. kunstkitchen says:

    Also, the link to the Food museum is fascinating. Thanks for the connection to this world wide look at food culture.

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