Baking Powder Rolls / Bakepulver-Rundstykker

A baking powder recipe found in “Snow King’s Famous Southern Baking Recipes for Better Baking” published in 1929
Baking Powder Rolls / Bakepulver-Rundstykker

Recipe by Irene Paschall (see picture), Brush Creek, Tenn. The recipe won a prize at Woodman’s  Picnic, Brush Creek, Tenn., in 1924.


2 thoughts on “Baking Powder Rolls / Bakepulver-Rundstykker

  1. Ingrid says:

    Be sure to always choose aluminum-free baking powder. You don’t want too much aluminum in your body.

    I also found this list somewhere:

    Some of the more common sources of “avoidable” aluminum:
    1) cooking utensils—aluminum pots, teflon pans and foil-wrapped foods;
    2) beverages in aluminum cans – the phosphoric acid in soft drinks leaches aluminum from the walls of the can;
    3) added as an anti-caking agent to salt and sugar;
    4) baking powder;
    5) antiperspirants;
    6) bleaching agent in white flour;
    7) used as an emulsifier in some processed cheeses;
    8) cake mixes, self-rising flour and frozen dough;
    9) commercial teas;
    10) toothpaste, sunscreen, lotions, powders/talcs and cosmetics;
    11) infant formulas – soy formulas contain 10 times more aluminum than milk based formulas;
    12) cigarette filters;
    13) anti-acids, buffered aspirin and many other over-the-counter medications;
    14) occupational—welding and smelting
    15) vaccines.


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