Recipes from Old Ads

Recipes from Old Ads
I mentioned in an earlier post that I missed building posts from old ads the way I used to do when I started this blog back in late 2013. It appeals to the designer in me.

So a few weeks ago I started to go through a whole decade of LIFE magazine. I chose to start with the 1960s (because I grew from a nice little boy to a teenage rascal during that decade).

Admittedly tv dinners and tinned soup pretty much ruled that decade. On the other hand, one can always trust Carnation, Hunt’s Catsup, 7 Up, CocaCola, Cling Peaches, Star-Kist Tuna and Ann Page among others to provide enough recipes to make the project worth the effort.

So ad recipes has made a full comeback on RecipeReminiscing

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