"A Bachelor’s Cupboard" from 1906 in PDF

"A Bachelor's Cupboard" from 1906 in PDF

It is not often one gets a chance to laugh out loud when reading a cook book, but this book provides that chance in rich amount. “A Bachelor’s Cupboard” with the undertitle “Containing crumbs Culled from the Cupboards of the Great Unwedded” written in 1906 by  A Lyman Phillips is greatly entertining.

From the book intro:

“Being a bachelor is easy. Staying a bachelor—ah! there’s the hitch! But that’s another story. Yes, it’s easy to be a bachelor, but to be a thoroughbred, unless it is inbred and the single man is ” to the manner born,” is more difficult. It requires unlimited time, patience and education as well as a store of myriad bits of information on a multitude of subjects.

The “correct” bachelor must not only know how, but he must know why. He must be a woman’s man and a man’s man, an all-round ” good fellow.” He must “fit” everywhere and adapt himself to all sorts of society under all sorts of circumstances. Good breeding and kindliness of heart are the essentials. These, above everything, he must have; and given them, the other attributes may be easily acquired by study and observation.”

The book’s Chapters runs like this:

On Being a Bachelor
The Impecunious Bachelor
Stocking the Cupboard
Bachelor Etiquette
Around the Camp Fire
Carving and Game
Snacks of Sea Food
A Chat on Cheese
Devils and Grills
Mexican and Creole Cooking
Bachelor Bonnes Bouchees
Concerning Condiments
Variations with Vegetables
A Dissertation on Drinks
What to Pay for Wines
Correct Wines for all Occasions
Temperance Drinks
Correct Clothes
How a Man May Valet Himself
How to Cleanse Clothes

Bachelors out there should not miss out on the chance of downloading this exceedingly helpful publication. It provides hints and suggestions on a lot more than mere cooking. Unwed young women should grab  the chance too, so they can learn what they should expect from the unwed young men out there.

As usual, you can download the book in pdf format
by clicking the icon below

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2 thoughts on “"A Bachelor’s Cupboard" from 1906 in PDF

  1. GP Cox says:

    This is one of your best discoveries!!


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