Red Currant Jam / Ripssyltetøy

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Red Currant Jam / Ripssyltetøy

Red currant jelly is quite common here in Norway, both as a sandwich spread and for some types of dinner dishes, but I have not come across red currant jam before. On the other hand, now that I have I must say it sounds rather tempting. Slightly tart jam tasting of summer will surely be even more tempting when the the winter cold sets in – Ted

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2 thoughts on “Red Currant Jam / Ripssyltetøy

  1. frugaldod says:

    I just recently heard of currants and that you can supposedly find them near where I live in the US and I think it sounds terrific. Now I know that I must try them 😀

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    • tidiousted says:

      You can find them growing wild here in Norway too, but you usually find them in old suburban gardens. Berry bushes has always been popular here. Not only red currant but black currant, raspberries, black berries and gooseberries too 🙂

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