Not a Recommendable Recipe to Follow

This is one of the clippings and notes that Mrs. F. S. Gover had tucked into her copy of The Ladies’ Home Cookbook published in 1896.

Not a Recommendable Recipe to Follow

Image found at “Centuries of Advice & Advertisements

2 thoughts on “Not a Recommendable Recipe to Follow

  1. marymtf says:

    It would be hilarious if I wasn’t imagining desperate family members who would have taken that advice – from a doctor for heavens sake – to heart. How do you find these interesting tid bits?

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    • tidiousted says:

      The only comfort for people who might have tried the ridiculous cure is that it probably wasn’t harmful at least.

      I used to run another kind of blog earlier that was among other things full of strange bits like that. The blog is till online even though I don’t update it anymore and sometimes I pick a blog from the blogroll on that blog and browse it for a while. “Centuries of Advice & Advertisements” is one of the blogs on that list.

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