DIY Sunday – Bouncing Bobsled

DIY Sunday - Bouncing Bobsled

Be prepared for winter with this fabulous bouncing bobsled. Race
bouncing down the slopes stearing with your feet grabbing the seat
with your hands for dear life. The plans were published in the 1945
December issue of Popular Mechanics and you can download them
by clicking the icon below

pdf symbol

2 thoughts on “DIY Sunday – Bouncing Bobsled

  1. disperser says:

    Might be a bit tough these days to find car leaf-springs. Commercial vehicles, yes, but those would make for a big and heavy sled.

    Also, taking a tumble with a set of leaf-springs tumbling along with you might not be so good . . . but probably no worse than sleds with steel runners.


    • tidiousted says:

      I didn’t think of that. There are car graveyards all over Norway and Sweden where one can pick parts for a song and a dance. Leaf-springs would be no problem there 🙂 And yes, that bobsled look fairly dangerous to me. Those who build it do so on their own risk.


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