A Crab Evening for 4 Sixties Style

A Crab Evening for 4 Sixties Style

A party shall be a joy both for ourselves and our guests. That’s why we invite people over. We need to remember when we invite to party, whether we’re planning a large party – or an easier and more light hearted sort of eveing. The main thing is that we have prepared so well in advance that we don’t run around in a restless bustle after the guests have arrived.

We prepare by making a serving and decoration plan and make a list of all the little things that it is so easy to forget if we do not have it written down. Flowers and candles are a very important part of the welcome scene for our guests. We buy flowers considering the season, and make sure they complement the colors we have in our home – and the table we intend to set.

If we opt for a romantic frame with the fine white table cloth and the crystal glasses we inherited from grandmother, the food must fit the bill. We can for example choose grill roasted chickens, French fries and fresh salad, with ice cream for dessert. The floral decoration must complete the picture we will create – romantic small bouquets, well tuned in soft colors.

Exciting and “foreign” casseroles or cheese and red wine parties requires very different surroundings. We should set the table with rugged ceramic plates, colorful napkins, and a solid, rough table cloth and thick candle in contrasting colors. Here we can play with the colours of the flowers too. Make them create the right crackle of colours on your table!

Crab evening for 4

1 crab pr. person
cheese platter
Beer or soft drink

Crab Natural


[1] Before coooking shell fish, put them into highly salted water, ca. 175 g / 6 oz  of salt per 1/2 liter / pint of water. Put the shellfish about 1 minute in the salt water, where they will be sedated and then put them directly into rapidly boiling water.

[2] Use a large pan. For every liter / 2 pt of water calculated 50 g / 1,75 oz salt. Cook the crabs for 15-25 min. depending on the size. Cool crabs in the water.

[3] Open the crabs, discard the small stomach sac situated just behind the crab’s mouth. Pull away the soft gills which are attached along the edges of the centre part and discard and remove the tail flap. Pull off the claws and crack them.

[4] Clean out all the meat from the shell, chop it roughtly, put it back in the shell or server crab meat on fresh lettuce leaves.

[5] Serve the crabs on a large serving platter or on individual plates, garnish with dill and lemon.

[6] Serve with lobster picks if you’ve got some.

[7] Use large paper napkins, and place a finger bowl beside the plates so the guest can clean their fingers.

[8] Server mayonnaise and place oil, vinegar, mustard, salt and pepper on the table, as well as soft and toasted white bread.

Chese Platter


[1] Arrange the cheese on a large platter, and cut it in smaller pieces making it easy for guests to help themselves.

[2] A cheese platter as a separate dish or as ending to a meal can be composed of several varieties of cheese like Edam, Gouda, Roquefort and Camembert.

[3] Decorated the platter with radishes, grapes, apples and oranges. Cut the apples and oranges into wedges but leave the peel on. Endives filled with green Alpen cheese is really decorative and tastes great.