Apple Pork

Apple Pork

This is an old and popular dish in Sweden, but for Mrs. Newlywed, it might just be a première. (Top text of the recipe)

Isn’t it strange that even at the end a seventies there was no discussion about who belong in the kitchen, it was the lady of the house – Ted  😉

750 g [1,65 lb] lightly salted pork, sliced
500 g [1,1 lb] firm, tart apples
1/2 tablespoon demerara


[1] Fry the bacon golden brown on both sides, pick it up and keep it warm.

[2] Remove the core from the apples, they should not be peeled. Cut them into wedges and place these inthe  drippings in the frying pan. Add the lid and steam the apples tender, but do not let them fall apart.

[3] Sprinkle the apples with demerara, place the pork and apples neatly side by side on a serving dish and pour some of the fat from the pan over the dish just before serving.

Accessories and drink: Toasted white bread and beer.