Apricot Buns

A recipe for filled buns found in “Norske Ukeblads Store Bakebok” (Norsk Ukeblad’s Big Baking Book) published in1984
Apricot Buns

25 g [0,9 0z] yeast
2 1/2 dl [0,5 pt] milk
1 egg
75-100 g [2,65-3,5 oz] butter/margarine
1/4 tsp salt
1 dl [0,2 pt] sugar
about 1 liter [2 pt] flour
1 glass (200 g /7 oz) apricot porridge (baby food)
Coarse sugar

Will make about 18.


[1] Crumble the yeast in the baking bowl and pour it in some of the cold milk. Add the slightly whipped egg. Melt the grease, pour into the rest of the milk and warm the mixture to approx. + 37° C / 98,5° F.

[2] Pour the mixture over the yeast. Mix in salt, sugar and flour. Knead the dough shiny and smooth, letting go of the bowl easily. Let the dough rise to double size under a kitchen towel.

[3] Pick up the raised dough and knead it on the counter. Roll it out to a 1 1/2 cm / 3/5 inch thick sheet. Punch out rounds with a glass, approx. 6 cm / 2,35 inch in diameter using half of the dough. Spread some apricot porridge on each round. Spread the second part of the rolled out dough over the rounds and punch out double rounds, which in this way will be  filled with apricot porridge. Place the buns on a greased baking sheet and allow them to raise for about 30 min. Bake them in the middle of the oven in 250° C / 480° F  for about 8 min. Brush the buns lightly after baking with a little melted butter/margarine and turn them in coarse sugar.

Variation 1: Custard buns
Replace the apricot porridge with approx. 2 dl / 0,4 pt custard.

Variasjlon 2: Apple buns
Replace the apricot porridge with approx. 2 dl / 0,4 pt apple sauce, flavored with a little cinnamon to taste.