Baked Lamb Shanks

A recipe from an ad for the American Wine Advisory Board
published in LIFE magazine November 12. 1945Baked Lamb Shanks

I love finding a decent recipe on an ad because building posts like this one challenge both the food lover and the designer in me. And old ads are always more fun to work with because the illustrations usually are drawings like this superb watercolour and not photos – Ted

4 lamb shanks
1 cup Chablis or other white wine
5 – 6 cups mixed diced raw carrots,
celery, onion and green beans

serves 4


[1] Insert slivers of garlic near bone in lamb shanks; brown in a little hot oil in large kettle (about 30 minutes); season while cooking.

[2] When browned add wine, cover and simmer for 1 1/2 hours or longer, until meat slips easily from bone.Take up shanks; remove meat from bones.

[3] In a casserole, arrange vegetables and meat as shown; add liquid from kettle, season, cover and bake in moderate oven (350 F) until vegetables are tender (about 40 minutes).

[4] Bring to table with glasses of chilled Chablis or other nice white wine.