Bo-Peep’s Party Pudding


1 Junket Tablet 1 pint milk
1 teaspoon vanilla flavouring
1 tablespoon cocoa
3 tablespoons honey 
1/2 cup heavy cream crisp rice, corn, or wheat flakes

Mix honey and cocoa to a smooth paste. Heat slowly to boiling, stirring constantly. Let boil one minute, continuing to stir. Dissolve Junket Tablet in 1 tablespoon cold water. Warm milk to lukewarm – NOT HOT. Add vanilla flavouring or Vanilla Flavotint,  honey, and cocoa mixture to lukewarm milk. Mix well. Add dissolved Junket Tablet. Stir quickly for a few seconds. Pour at once into dessert glasses. Let stand until firm, then chill in refrigerator.

Serve in same glasses topped with honeyed whipped cream and cereal flakes. Allow 1 1/2 tablespoons strained honey to each cup of whipped cream. Add 1 cup crisp cereal flakes and mix well. Garnish top with flakes also. The cereal should not be added until serving time.

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