Boston Bean Sandwich

A snack recipe found in “Thrifty New Tips on a Grand Old Favorite” published by  H J Heinz Co in 1932Boston Bean Sandwich

The English author and singer/songwriter Michael Harding say on an intro to one of the songs on one of his records “Beans are bad at the best of times”. Although I’m a big fan I can’t quite agree with him there, I’m actually quite fond of beans – Ted

1 medium can Heinz Oven-Baked Beans (Boston Style)
1/2 teaspoonful salt
4 Heinz Preserved Sweet Gherkins, chopped
8 Heinz Stuffed Spanish Olives, chopped
Heinz Mayonnaise Salad Dressing


Drain Heinz Oven-Baked Beans and press through a sieve or mash until entirely free from lumps. Add salt, gherkins and olives. Add just enough mayonnaise to make a smooth filling and spread between buttered slices of Boston brown bread or whole wheat bread.