Pineapple Cake / Ananaskake

A kake recipe found in “Famous Southern Baking Recipes for Better Baking” published by Snow King in 1929
Pineapple Cake / Ananaskake

Recipe by Mrs. J. E Eubank Appling, Georgia (see picture). This reripe won first prize at a district contest held in Augusta, Ga.

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Chocolate Sponge anno 1927 / Sjokoladepudding anno 1927

A classic chocolate dessert found in “Knox Gelatine – Dainty Desserts  – Candies – Salads” published in 1927
Chocolate Sponge_post

I mentioned in the previous post that I loved thin pancakes, but to be honest, I’m sort of a all round dessert kind of guy. So you might already have guessed, I love chocolate desserts too

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Orange Flower Macaroons / Appelsinblomst makroner

An interwar years cake recipe found on
Orange Flower Macaroons / Appelsinblomst makroner

In the interwar years, the Afternoon Tea had dwindled down to ‘at homes’ with guests, but it remained popular.  More or less intricate cakes and sandwiches were served with freshly brewed tea.

This recipe is particularly is easy to make. Some period recipes are quite tricky and don’t always work. This one is very forgiving and therefore it’s a good one for an inexperienced cook.

Macaroon is the English translation from the French word “Macarone”. Most have almonds as their principal ingredient, but you can also have coconut macaroons too. All are delicious!

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Baking Powder Rolls / Bakepulver-Rundstykker

A baking powder recipe found in “Snow King’s Famous Southern Baking Recipes for Better Baking” published in 1929
Baking Powder Rolls / Bakepulver-Rundstykker

Recipe by Irene Paschall (see picture), Brush Creek, Tenn. The recipe won a prize at Woodman’s  Picnic, Brush Creek, Tenn., in 1924.


Calumet Cream Puffs / Calumet Vannbakkels

A recipe from the “Calumet Cook Book” published in 1921
Calumet Cream Puffs / Calumet Vannbakkels

Back in my childhood cream puffs, particularly cream puff wreaths, were regarded as just about the most delicious kind of pastries one could be served. But as I’ve told you before, little Ted had a sweet tooth the size of a small South American country and as you will notice, the recipe contains no sugar. My old female relatives who were famous for their cream puffs were even stingy with the sugar in the whipped cream.

As our family were on our way to visit one of these old stingy bats little Ted was praying for anything but cream puffs. But what do you think happened.  Those old bats always had to show off with their damned cream puffs. The fifties were hard I tell you, just ask anyone who was there – Ted   😉

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Raisin Fudge Cake with Almonds / Rosinfudgekake med Mandler

A cake recipe found in “Iglehearts Cake Secrets”
published in 1921

raisin fudge cake with almonds_page

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French Chocolate Cake / Fransk Sjokoladekake

A Recipe from “Snow King’s Famous Southern Baking Recipes
for Better Baking” published in 1929

1929 Snow King-Famous Southern Baking Recipes for Better Baking_french chocolate cake_post

Recipe by Eva Ranson, R. F. D. 1, Raynham, N. C. (see picture)


1920s Mini Omelettes Arnold Bennet / 1920talls Mini Omeletter Arnold Bennet

A classic decadent canapé recipe from the roaring 20s
found on
1920s Mini Omelettes Arnold Bennet_post

Based on the 1920’s Omelette Arnold Bennett, this decadent dish has been turned into delicious canapés. Enjoy them with a Manhattan cocktail, an American-style drink which were in high fashion after the WWI.


1917 – Ryzon Corn Bread / Ryzon Maisbrød

A old fashioned recipe found in “Ryzon Baking Book”
by Marion Harris Neil published in 1917
1917_ryson_corn bread_post

It is nice to see that the recipes from these early 19th century ads, recipe booklets and books still are popular. I posted another one from a Kellogg’s ad the other day and it was one of the most popular posts that week – Ted 🙂


All-Bran Muffins / All-Bran Kli Muffins

A recipe from a Kellogg’s All-Bran ad published in 1928Kelloggs all brand_1928_post

From the ad text: Kellogg’s All-Bran makes wonderful bran muffins. Rich with old fashioned flavour. light and fluffy through and through. And you can be sure, too, they’re extra healthful – because of the natural “bulk” All-Brand supplies.

Plenty of bulk in the diet is essential to healthful regularity, doctors say. All-Bran furnishes bulk in generous quantity because it is 100% bran. For more effective than other brand products. Its rich nutty flavour adds real delightfulness to every recipe.

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If All-Bran muffins was rich with old flashioned flavour back in 1928 it will surely be even richer with it in our day and age – Ted  😉

Soft Gingerbread & Boston Brown Bread / Mykt Ingefærbrød & Brunt Bostonbrød

soft gingerbread - boston brown bread_post

In the foreword in this recipe booklet from the 1920s it says:

Be lavish with raisins. It is justified by dietetic worth. They furnish 1560 units of energizing nutriment per pound, more energy than eggs, milk, meat or fish. They are 76 per cent pure fruit sugar in practically pre-digested form so their good is almost immediately assimilated.

They furnish food iron and valuable organic salts. Put raisins in oatmeal and in cookies, cakes and breads. Serve bread puddings, boiled rice and breakfast cereals with raisins. They improve sweet potatoes, candied or mashed. Raisins make plain foods delicious—be lavish with them.

Oh, and yes, Sun Maid pack and sell raisins 😉


Breakfast Sweet Rolls / Frokost Boller

A recipe from “Rumford Bakebok” (Rumford Baking Book) published in 1927028_breakfast sweet rolls_post
At a jumble-sale this summer I picked up a stack of small cookbooks and among them was the one you can see in the illustration above, “Rumford Bakebok” from 1927. I suspect that it is translated from English as Rumford is not a Norwegian product but who cares.

The book had been appreciated as it was obvious that several generations of the woman in the Grindalen family had used it frequently before it ended up in my vast collection of old printed matter. (Two generations had scribbled their name inside and one on the outside.)


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Feather Cake With Pineapple Frosting / Feather Kake Med Anananas Glasur

A recipe from “Igleheart’s Cake Secrets” published in 1921

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Chocolate Iced Layer Cake / Smørkake Med Sjokoladetrekk

A recipe from “Cake Secrets” (Kake Hemmeligheter) published by Iglehearts in 1921

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