Danish Cream Toffees / Danske Flødekarameller

A Christmas sweet recipe found in “MENU Internationalt Madleksikon” (MENU International Food Encyclopedia)
published by Lademann in 1976

Danish Cream Toffees / Danske Flødekarameller

Cream toffees are great for Christmas gifts for friends with a sweet tooth. Put them in a big serving dish and decorate with small spruce twigs and a big red ribbon.

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Cinder Toffee /Slaggkarameller

A classic toffee recipe found on MailOnline165_cinder toffee_post

Geordies call this cinder toffee, as it looks like golden lumps of coal. If you are Australian you will most likely call it honeycomb, if you are Irish it is yellowman and our Scottish chums call it puff candy. Whatever the name, it’s dramatic to make; it volcanically bubbles to the top of your pan while being heated.

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