Town Mayor Toast With Prawns / Borgmästaretoast Med Räkor

A rich canapé starter recipe found on
Borgmästaretoast med räkor_post

Town mayor toast with prawns toast or toast with luxurious touch of shrimp and caviar – perfect for starters!

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Smoked Salmon and Watercress Wraps / Røkelaks- og Brønnkarseruller

A peppery canapé recipe found on
Smoked Salmon and Watercress Wraps / Røkelaks- og Brønnkarseruller

Creamy, with a hint of spice, these smoked salmon wraps are topped with sprigs of watercress for a peppery finish.


1920s Mini Omelettes Arnold Bennet / 1920talls Mini Omeletter Arnold Bennet

A classic decadent canapé recipe from the roaring 20s
found on
1920s Mini Omelettes Arnold Bennet_post

Based on the 1920’s Omelette Arnold Bennett, this decadent dish has been turned into delicious canapés. Enjoy them with a Manhattan cocktail, an American-style drink which were in high fashion after the WWI.


Canapé with Roquefort / Kanapé med Roquefortost

A snacksy recipe from “Kunglig Spis” by Håkan Håkanson published in 1982kanape med roquefortost_post

Canape with Roquefort cheese is excellent as cocktail snacks. Moreover, the recipe is very simple and the dish  very tasty.


Flip-Top Devilled Eggs

A recipe from an ad for Underwood Devilled Ham published in the fifties


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