Moroccan Garbanzo Bean Stew / Marokkansk Garbanzobønnestuing

A vegatarian stew recipe found in “We love Comfort Food –
Meatless Monday Recipes”  a free E-book publlished
by American Heart Association
Moroccan Garbanzo Bean Stew / Marokkansk Garbanzobønnestuing

The chickpea or chick pea (Cicer arietinum) is a legume of the family Fabaceae, subfamily Faboideae. Its different types are variously known as gram, or Bengal gram, garbanzo or garbanzo bean, Egyptian pea. Its seeds are high in protein. It is one of the earliest cultivated legumes: 7,500-year-old remains have been found in the Middle East.


Garbanzo Balls / Garbanzoboller

A recipe from “Spennende Mat” (Exiting Food)
published by Skandinavisk Pressein 1980


Garbanzo is the Spanish word for chickpeas, which is everyday fare in many parts of the world. Here the Western World, these chickpea balls are perfect as an exotic element in the picnic basket.