Christmas in the Air

An article from “FLIGHT” magazine, January 25, 1934

The Christmas Lunch Served on
Imperial Airways’ Flight for Athens
December 25, 1933

Imperial Airways Christmas lunch 1933
Illustration from the article

Most people on Christmas Day, whether they be in their own homes, travelling, or in whatever state it has pleased Providence to call them, endeavour to celebrate that anniversary by means of something extra special in the way of food and drink.

Imperial Airways Christmas lunch 1933_02
Food being prepared for Imperial Airways and stewards
waiting to pick up whatever is prepared for their next flight.

Imperial Airways always look after their passengers better, perhaps, than any other transport company in the world, and an amusing and effective example of this care is given by the Christmas lunch so carefully arranged for the passengers in Scipio, the fourengined Short flying boat which was to leave Brindisi on the morning of December 25, 1933, for Athens.

The programme did not go quite to schedule owing to delays of the train service which Imperial Airways passengers still unfortunately have to make use of between Pans and Brindisi. The machine actually left Brindisi at 8.15 a.m. on December 26, but the passengers, after consultation, were unanimous in their desire to have the Christmas luncheon which, but for the delay, they would have had on the previous day.

Imperial Airways Christmas lunch 1933_03
A meal being served on Scipio

The staff of the Scipio, in command of Capt. F. J. Bailey, had decorated the cabin very carefully with holly, mistletoe and paper streamers, and a Christmas tree had been rigged up. This was suitably decorated and hung with gifts for each of the 14 passengers, in the shape of Imperial Airways diaries with the passengers names stamped thereon. The tree was a fully illuminated one with coloured lamps lit from the ship’s electrical system.

Imperial Airways Christmas lunch 1933_04
Drinks being served onboard

The lunch, which had been supplied by Fortnum &  Mason, Ltd., was a great success. The turkey was served  cold, but the soup, sausages, potatoes and pudding  were all hot. Just how this was done better remain a secret of Imperial Airways, as a cursory glance at the facilities the steward has in his pantry does not appear to offer any solution. The fact remains, however, that when they do give their passengers anything hot it is really hot.

Imperial Airways Christmas lunch 1933_06
A steward in the pantry on Scipio

The luncheon was served directly after the Scipio had taken off from Corfu, where a landing had been made for fuel. Capt. Bailey, who, as do all Imperial Airways “skippers,” makes a personal matter of the comfort of his passengers, went back into the cabin on several occasions, and after cutting a cake, which had also been provided, presented the diaries from the tree.

Imperial Airways Christmas lunch 1933_08
A diagrammatic drawing of Imperial Airways’ Scipio.

The Christmas Recipes – Part 11

The Christmas Recipes – Part 11

Christmas Porridge / Julegrøt
Christmas Porridge / Julegrøt

Christmas Paper Hearts / Julekurver
Christmas Paper Hearts / Julekurver

The Christmas Recipes – Part 4


Christmas Kisses / Julekyss
Christmas Kisses / Julekyss

Prune Porridge / Sviskegrøt
Prune Porridge / Sviskegrøt

Danish Cream Truffles / Flødetrøfler

A classic Danish creamy truffle recipe suitable for both the
populace in general and the connoisseurs found on


Christmas holds the perfect excuse for anyone with a sweet tooth. Here you have a classic that satisfies both sweet lovers in general and the connoisseurs.

000_recipe_eng_flagg Recipe in English  000_recipe_dan_flagg Opskrift på dansk

Recipe posted at:
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Nut Cakes / Nøttekaker

A Norwegian Christmas cookie recipe found on nrk.no125_nøttekaker_post

Nuts have a long tradition as Christmas snacks in Scandinavia and are often used as garnish on Christmas cakes too as on these cookies.

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Aquavit Marinated Cloudberries With Raw Cream / Akevittmarinerte Multer Med Råkrem

A classic Norwegian Christmas dessert found on matprat.no124_multer_post

Cloudberries have a long tradition in Norway when it comes to Christmas desserts. We serve them mixed with whipped cream, with ice cream and as compotes and this cloudberry dessert shows clearly that the simplest things often are the best.

And by the way, The recipe will work just as well with raspberries or blackberries and brandy or whiskey instead of the aquavit.

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Chicken Liver Pate / Kyllingleverpaté

A Scandinavian Christmas buffet classic found on grytelokket.com121_kyllingleverpate_post

Scandinavian Christmas buffets are serious stuff. A few slices of smoked salmon, a little cured meat and some pickles simply wont do. Pates, cold pork ribs, meat rolls, potted and pickled herring, smoked and cured salmon or trout, cold or hot Christmas patties and sausages, salads, the list goes on for ever. Chicken liver pate is a favourite on these buffets and it’s not hard to make.

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Christmas Paper Hearts / Julekurver

120_julekurver7Ever since my grandmother taught me how to plate Christmas paper heart over forty five years ago I’ve made a new batch every year. Some to hang on the Christmas tree, some to give away and some so small that I make Christmas cards by gluing them on to good quality handmade paper.

Making these hearts has a long tradition in Scandinavia and you can buy nice glossy paper made especially for this, but any coloured paper will do. If you like to try your hands at making a few, start with the simplest patterns and work your way up.

On the page you’ll find by clicking the link below you’ll find both a video showing the technique and lots and lots of nice patterns and ideas.

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