Camp Fire Comfort Food / Bålkos

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These half oranges filled with chocolate cake are a great ending to a camp fire evening. And a great way to make use of both the last heat of the fire and stalling bed time a little extra.

This is because you should really add the orange halves to the embers when the fire is nearly burnt down. Cooking times will vary depending on how large your oranges are.

TIP: This delicious treat can be created with any chocolate sponge or brownies. Use your favorite recipe and create a new twist to camping coziness.


Classic Dutch Poffertjes / Klassiske Nederlandske Poffertjes

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These petite puffy pancakes, made with a mixture of buckwheat- and regular flours and yeast for a fluffier texture, are a classic Dutch treat. They are baked  in a special poffertjes pan, which has around a dozen or so tiny indentations. Popular with children, these Dutch baby pancakes are traditionally served with melted butter and sieved powdered sugar. They couldn’t be more perfect for Sunday brunch, a lazy lunch or a comforting dessert and our easy poffertjes recipe never fails.

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Frankfurters in Lager with Two Nice Accessories / Pølser i Pilsner med To Gode Tilbehør

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Norwegians eat frankfurteres and weiners like there is no tomorrow. Usually we just slap them in a bun and put some ketchup and mustard on them. Here’s a recipe with a bit more panache – Ted


Crispy Lamb Chunks With Dips / Sprø Lammebiter Med Dip

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This dish is perfect as comfort food, a welcome-chew or as part of tapas table. Mutton from thigh fits perfectly, since this meat is primarily tender and therefore do not need long heat treatment. These are really tasty goodies!


Bacon Butty / Bacon Sandwich

A national treasure of a recipe found on picturebritain.com309_bacon butty_post

The girl who runs PictureBritain writes: As unappetizing as it might sound to the uninitiated, the bacon butty is truly a national treasure. In a 2012 survey of the 50 things Britons love most about Britain, this piece of culinary tradition ranked #1 (fish and chips and the Queen trailed behind 309_bacon butty3at #9 and #15, respectively). Clearly, this is something that every Britophile should pay attention to.

A bacon butty is technically a sandwich, but it is variously known as a bacon sarnie, rasher sandwich, bacon sanger, and piece ‘n bacon – it all depends on where you come from. Basically, a bacon butty is a slab of bacon, sometimes topped with a condiment, smashed between two pieces of bread. But that’s just the basic makeup, the details of this dish are liable to a thousand interpretations, and are the source of heated debate (nearly to church-schism proportions).

Remember: While the bacon butty may look like plebeian fare, it was supposedly part of Prince Harry’s late night breakfast after the Royal Wedding celebrations.

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I find the bacon butties far from both unappetizing and plebeian fare. It is in my eyes superb comfort food and one of the British food traditions that has followed me ever since I went there for the first time as a young man. It is the perfect remedy for any of all the small misfortunes in life.

Got caught out in the rain: bacon butties. Got a cold: bacon butties. Had a row with your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband: bacon butties. Forgot to watch your favourite TV show: bacon butties. Unexpected bills: bacon butties. The list goes on and on, never get caught without some rashes of bacon in the fridge, they will come in handy when life treat you unfair – Ted

Hazelnut Brittle Ice Cream / Krokanis

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traditional badge2Hazelnut brittle ice cream is a type of ice cream I have never found anywhere else than in Norway, on the other hand here it is a real classic. When I was a kid back in the fifties you could only get three types of desert ice creams in Norway; Vanilla, Tress (one part strawberry ice cream, one part vanilla ice cream and of one part chocolate ice cream) and hazelnut brittle ice cream which was my favourite then and is my favourite still.

This is the way to make delicious, homemade hazelnut brittle ice cream. Try it, you wont regret it – Ted 🙂


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