“The Hostess” – Downloadable Cook Book in PDF

“The Hostess” - Downloadable Cook Book in PDF

The Hostess

Pertinent Suggestions On Entertaining At Home,
Together With Some Bromangelon Recipes

Published in 1910 by
The Stern & Saalberg Co
New York

Every hostess, however modest her home surroundings, cherishes the ambition to shine in her own little sphere. The ideas suggested in this book are intended as a guide to simple methods of entertaining in a hospitable, easy, refined and dignified manner, without any undue extravagance. They are intended to serve, not as set patterns to be copied or followed in every detail, but rather to suggest to the ingenious hostess, ways of adapting her own original ideas to the art of graceful home entertainment.

You can download the book in pdf format
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Alexandre Dumas’ Dictionary of Cuisine

dumas_02When I was a kid I was a great fan of Alexandre Dumas and when I was twelve my parents bought me a 24 volume edition of “The Three Musketeers” for Christmas. I did nothing but read for a fortnight. I had hardly time for school or  homework and when I had read all 24 books I went to the library and borrowed the rest of his books I hadn’t already read.

Five years later I read them all again in English and I still got all the Norwegian and the English versions on my book shelves.

My love of food and cooking was even then as great as my love of reading and I knew Dumas had written a cook book, but it was not in print back then. I never forgot his novels but his cook book had slipped my mind until I read about it on a blog recently.


A cook book by Dumas may seen an improbability. Yet Alexandre Dumas was an expert cook – his love of food was said to be equalled only by his love of women – and his “Great Dictionary of Cuisine,” written “to be read by worldly people and used by professionals” and published posthumously in 1873, is a masterpiece in its own right.

This abridged version of the “Dictionary” is designed to be both useful and entertaining. There are hundreds of recipes for sauces, soups, meat, fish, eggs, poultry and game well within the scope of an experienced and imaginative cook.

For his “dinner” entry he wrote:

Dinner. A major daily activity, which can be accomplished in worthy fashion only by intelligent people. It is not enough to eat. To dine, there must be diversified, calm conversation. It should sparkle with rubies of the wine between courses, be deliciously suave with the sweetness of dessert, and acquire true profundity with the coffee.

Where ever you are Alexandre, I hope there are delicious food,
great wine and beautiful women in abundance there – Ted  😉

You can buy an abridged version of the book at amazon.com here

1700 BC – The Oldest Known “Cook Book” in the World

You might be thinking that cook books are rather resent,
historicly speeking but:

The oldest known cookbook in the world, written on clay tablets, goes back as far as the second millennium BC. Three small clay tablets, inscribed with intricate cuneiform signs, contain cooking instructions for thirty-five Akkadian dishes. They were written during the First Babylonian dynasty, somewhere in the fertile valley between Tigris and Euphrates in modern-day Iraq.

Worlds oldest cook book_

An official in the Babylonian king Hammurabi’s court wrote sometime between 1792 BC and 1750 BC down 25 recipes for casserole.

Outside each dish ingredients were summed up, and in what order they were to go into the pot. The stone tablets contains 21 recipes for meat dishes. The dishes combined beef, lamb, goat, game and poultry with vegetables, raisins, dates and mushrooms. Also disclosed are four vegetarian dishes.

These recipes can be dated to an era in which splendid ancient cities were constructed. Babylon — the grand capital of this empire — has been reduced to rubble and ruins, but these recipes still give a hint of its oriental aroma. Little is known about the scribes who wrote these tablets or the cooks who used them. Some scientist suggest that they were meant for professional chefs, because the instructions are quite concise.

Not surprisingly, this collection consists in large part of stews and broths, a feasible technique when cooking on open fires. Meat is the main ingredient in most recipes from that time, and is seared before adding a fatty broth or beer. Ancient foodies seem to have preferred fowl and mutton. Babylonian chefs had easy access to meat, as Mesopotamian farmers had been raising sheep and chicken since prehistory. More exclusive meats are gazelle and francolin (a bird comparable to pheasant). Aromatic ingredients like dill and mint are added later and the dish is brought to the table with fresh greens or other garnishes.

Balancing and blending flavors is a quintessential credo in cuneiform cuisine, and the recipes in the Yale Babylonian collection frequently combine matching ingredients. Almost every preparation calls for a combination of onion (or leek) and garlic, added to the broth in the first stages of the cooking process.

Worlds oldest cook book3_

A little closer to our own time both the Egyptians and the Romans had and were using cook books and the dishes as the Babylonions’ seemed suprisingly close to our own.

Pan de Muerto – Bread for the Dead / Brød for de Døde

A recipe from “Mexican Cooking” in the
“International Gourmet” series published in 1986

pan de muerto_post

The pan de muerto is a special kind of bread made in Mexico. It is not a bread for daily consumption (although it is prepared from July), since it is closely associated with the celebration of Day of the Dead, a celebration that can last from a day to a week during the month of November, depending on the region. The spread of the pan de muerto is especially concentrated in the center and south of the country, where the Day of the Dead is celebrated with greater intensity.


Aaah, Finally – The Norwegian Flea Market Season is Here

And the first two old cook book hunts brought these treasures. Recipes from all of them will turn up in in the near future – Ted

are you hungry tonight_1992asia - en kulinarisk reise_19871cappelens internasjonale kjøkken - indonesia_1994
cappelens kokebok_1991den nye kokeboken - Del 1_1979 den nye kokeboken - Del 2_1979den smårutete kokeboken_1987frå lom til lyon_1987ganske enkkel italiensk kokebok_1995god mat fra sjøen_1984gode, gamle oppskrifter_1991harrods cooery book_1985internasjonale famile favoritter_1976international gourmet - Mexican Cooking_1996mat for ølvennernorsk ukeblads store salatbok_1983pizza_1992småretter_1956spennende mat_1980the best of international cooking_1984the chocolate book_1987the cooking of the british isles_1970varme småretter_1991

From top left:
Are you hungry tonight – Elvis’ favourite recipes – 1992
Asia – En kulinarisk reise – 1987
(Asia – a culinary journey)
Cappelens internasjonale kjøkken – Indonesia – 1994
(Cappelen’s international kitchen – Indonesia)
Cappelens kokebok – 1991
(Cappelen’s Cook Book)
Den nye kokeboken – Del 1 – 1979
(The new cook book – part 1)
Den nye kokeboken – Del 1 – 1979
(The new cook book – part 2)
Den smårutete kokeboken – 1987
(the small checkered cook book)
Arne Brimi – Fra Lom til Lyon – 1987
(Arne Brimi – From Lom to Lyon)
Ganske enkel italiensk kokebok – 1995
(Quite simple Italian cook book)
God mat fra sjøen – 1984
(Nice food from the sea)
Gode, gamle oppskrifter – 1991
(Good, old recipes)
Harrods cookery book – 1985
Internasjonale famile favoritter – 1976
(International family favourites)
Mexican cooking – 1995
Mat for ølvenner – 1980
(Food for beer lovers)
Norsk Ukeblads store salatbok – 1983
(Norsk Ukeblad’s big salad book)
Pizza – 1992
Småretter – 1956
Spennenede mat – 1980
(Exiting food)
The best of international cooking – 1984
The chocolate book – 1987
The cooking of the British Isles – 1980
Varme småretter – 1991
(Hot snacks)

Petti di Pollo al Limone / Chicken Breasts with Lemon / Kyllingbryst med Sitron

A recipe from “The Sainsbury Book of Italian Cooking”
published in 1979

petti di pollo al limone_post

The Sainsbury Book of Italian Cooking is not a very large book as you can see, but with one recipe on each page it is still crammed full of of Italian specialities. And bought on a flea marked for under 2 £ I must say we’re talking good value for the money –Ted 😉


Vintage Cook Book Wednesday – Good Housekeeping’s Book of Good Meals from 1927 in pdf

Vintage cookbooks

069_bgood meals

“Good Housekeeping’s Book
of Good Meals”
– How to Prepare and Serve Them –

A guide to Meal Planning
Cooking and Serving

Published by
in 1927

You can download the book in pdf format by clicking
the book image above or the pdf icon below

Even More Flea Market Finds

053_flea market finds
Any professional book collector knows that if a flea market is run over two days they fill up the book shelves and tables with more books when the market closes the first day so a visit the next day will always bring new chances. And as you can see from the image above it did today as well at the same flea market I visited yesterday.

Besides the prices are lower on day two. They want to get red of as much as possible of course. Today’s 12 books cost me NOK 100 = £ 9.50 =  $ 15.30 – Ted 🙂

208 drinker – (208 Drinks)
Published by Schibsted Forlag in 1984
Ost På 75 Måter – (75 Ways With Cheese)
Published by Cappelens Forlag in 1980
Det Nye kjøkken Biblioteket – Kalv (The New Kitchen Library – Veal)
Published by Gyldendal Norske Forlag in 1971

Det Nye kjøkken Biblioteket – Fugl – (The New Kitchen Library – Birds)
Published by Gyldendal Norske Forlag in 1971
Det Nye Kjøkken Biblioteket – Deserter – (The New Kitchen Library – Deserts)
Published by Gyldendal Norske Forlag in 1971
Det Nye Kjøkken Biblioteket – Forretter – (The New Kitchen Library – Starters)
Published by Gyldendal Norske Forlag in 1971
Det Nye Kjøkken Biblioteket – Baking – (The New Kitchen Library – Baking)
Published by Gyldendal Norske Forlag in 1971
Det Nye Kjøkken Biblioteket – Koldtbord – (The New Kitchen Library – Buffets)
Published by Gyldendal Norske Forlag in 1971
Velkommen Til mitt Kjøkken – (Welcome To My Kitchen)
By Ingrid Espelid Hovik
Published by Gyldendal Norske Forlag / Programbladet in 1985

Ingrid Espelid Hovik was a TV cook at the NRK (Norway’s National TV station) for more than 20 years. This book was published in connection with her 20 year anniversary.
Dessertkaker – (Desert Cakes)
Published by Hjemmets Kokebok Klubb in 1980
Forretter – (Starters)
Published by Hjemmets Kokebok Klubb in 1982
Mat Til hverdag Og Fest – (Everyday Food And Party Food)
Published by Hjemmets Kokebok Klubb in 1985
And this brings my books in this series up to 31