Salmon Curry / Laksekarri

A dinner recipe found in “How To Eat Canned Salmon”
publisert av Alaska Packers Association in 1900

Salmon Curry / Laksekarri

A curry dish with a surprisingly copious use of curry powder the age of the book taken under consideration. In other words, a rather hot curry seen with Western eyes – Ted


Roganjhost – Mild Lamb Curry / Mild Lammekarri

A mild Indian curry recipe found in “Asia – En Kulinarisk Reise”
(A Culinary Voyage) published by Grøndahl Dreyer in 1987
Roganjhost – Mild Lamb Curry / Mild Lammekarri

Roganjhost are among the dishes you will find on the menu all over India. These tender lamb cubes in a creamy, aromatic sauce, lightly spiced and with just a hint of chili, is a good example that curries need not be burning hot to be delicious.

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Rice Ring With Curry Fish / Risrand med Karry-fisk

 A spicy fish dish recipe found in “Ris & Pasta” (Rice & Pasta)
published by Lademann in 1978
Rice Ring With Curry Fish / Risrand med Karry-fisk
It may look Indian, but it is as Danish as a freshly baked pastry  😉


Aromatic Butter / Aromasmør

3 recipes for aromatic butter found on imagasin.info649_aroma smør_post

Here is recipes for three types of aromatic butter that tastes great, for example, with baked potatoes, a delicious steak dinner or grilled fish or meat. They are easy to mix and keeps well for a while in the fridge.

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Kaju Curry / Cashew Nut Curry / Cashew Nøtt Karri

An Indian recipe from Shobha’s Zayaka found on

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Kaju curry is a popular Indian dish, which is a must dish in every Indian restaurant’s menu. It is prepared during special & festive occasions. Curries are all about flavours & aroma. Kaju curry is a rich, flavourful curry made of cashew nuts,Indian spices & the rich, silky, creamy & smooth gravy made this dish really delicious, tasty. Kaju curry can be prepared with a lot of variations.You can add paneer, capsicum, green peas, potatoes etc.


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Mulligatawny Soup

A recipe from “God Mat Fra Hele Verden” (Delicious Food From All The World) published by Schibsted in 1971

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Originally this is an Indian soup, which the English have adopted as their own. Not only has it become an English specialty, but you can find it in Australia and New Zealand too. Occasionally one sees the soup made with mutton, but most recipes use a hen when boiling the stock.


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Scampi Oriental / Orientalsk Scampi

A recipe from “Cattelins Kokebok” (Cattelin’s Cook Book) published in 1977
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Cattelin’s is one of the best and most reasonably priced restaurants in Stockholm. It has survived wars, disasters, and changing tastes, and still manages to pack ’em in, so they must be doing something right. Read more here and here.


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Ingemaakte Kerrievis – Fish In Vinegar and Curry / Fisk I Eddiklake Med Karri

A South African recipe from “Kulinarisk Pass” (Culinary Passport) published by Tupperware in 1970

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Chicken And Cranberry Curry – Kylling Med Tyttebærkarri

A recipe from “Good Housekeeping Cookery Book” published by  Ebury Press in 1976. The Book was first published in 1948 

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Lamb Curry

A recipe from Robert Carrier’s cooking cards (not dated, but the pictures and general design points to early to mid seventies)lamb_curry_post


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