Kitchen Chair Sled

Kitchen Chair Sled

If you got an old kitchen chair up in the attic and a pair of old preferably wooden skis you can make this chair sled in a couple of hours. My dad made me one when I was a kid and I had a lot of fun with it. Get to it, there’s a lot of winter left yet.

I would suggest that you place the chair closer to the front of the skis than on these plans, it gives the one pushing more room to stand on the skis when going down hill. My dad did

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DIY Sunday – 3 Smart Benches

The Sunday DIY Project3 smart benches

The Recipereminiscing’s DIY Sunday projects stays in the early forties for another week. This set of nifty benches can be yours with a couple of hour’s work in the workshop. The five page plans can be downloaded in pdfformat by clicking the icon below

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DIY Sunday – Circular Night Table

The Sunday DIY Projectcircular_bed_table_thumb

This nifty night table is as a lot of the previous projects have been from Popular Mechanics Magazine’s 1940 editions. You can download the plans in pdf format py clicking the icom below.

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DIY Sunday -The Latest Dressing Table With Bench To Match

The Latest Dressing Table With Bench To Match

I owe you to mention that this dressing table was the latest fashion back in the early forties, but if you are fascinated by the styles from that periode this might be just the project for you. The plans was published in Popular Mechanics Magazine in 1940 and you can download the plans in pdf format by clicking the icom below – Ted

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DIY Sunday – Hostess Tray on a Folding Stand

DIY Sunday – Hostess Tray on a Folding Stand

These plans were published in Popular Mechanics in 1941 and you can download them in pdf format by clicking the icon below.
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DIY Sunday – A Fifties Pivot-Top Desk

Pivot-Top Desk

These plans by Harold Hudspeth are from “Home Workshop Handbook” published in the early fifties and you can download the plans in PDF format by clicking the icon below – Ted

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DIY Sunday – Fold Away End Table

Fold Away End Table

This plan for a fold-away end table was published in Popular Science in August 1041 and youcan download it in pdf format by clicking the icon below.

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DIY Sunday – Build a Modern Desk

modern desk

How about a neat desk in the strict design of the early post WWII era.
Plans published in Popular Science April 1950 in pdf format
can be downloaded by clicking the icon below.

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DIY Sunday – Early American Storage Chest

Early American Storage Chest_01Early American Storage Chest_02

Download the plans in pdf format by clicking the icon below

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The Christmas Recipes – Part 11

The Christmas Recipes – Part 11

Christmas Porridge / Julegrøt
Christmas Porridge / Julegrøt

Christmas Paper Hearts / Julekurver
Christmas Paper Hearts / Julekurver

DIY Sunday – Wheeled “Snack Shack”


The plans for this nifty little sales stand was published in “Popular Mechanics” in January 1940. Great for those of you who wants to cash in on your cooking. Just pull it along to where people congregate, whether it be a sport arangemet, a summer beach or a park. The plans can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking the icon below.

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DIY Sunday – 1940s Dressing Table and Bench

dressing table and bench

Text from the plans: Only ln the more expensive furniture stores could you find the equal of this distinctive modern dressing table and bench. Its appeal is based upon a. well-proportioned and simple exterior and the careful selection at wood for grain and color. A light wood such as birch, maple, or blond walnut in suitable.

Note that the drawer pulls and door handle are eliminated. This function is taken over by the beveled lower edges of the drawer fronts and the left. edge ot the dour. The groove thus formed plays an important part in producing a pattern on an otherwise severely plain piece.

This furniture has a distinct forties feel to its design and would look great in any retro inspired home. The plans was originally published in Popular Science January 1941. Download the plans in pdf format by clicking the icon below – Ted

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DIY Sunday – Small Colonial Bench

A sturdy bench was a commodity much valued in the American colonies. It provided a welcome place to rest weary legs after a long day of hard work. Most early homes enjoyed several benches.

Back then, country cabinetmakers found benches quick and easy to make, which probably explains a good deal of their popularity. Well, not much has changed in the last 250 years or so.

Today, a bench like this can still be made with a minimum of time and effort. And while it may not be as comfortable as your favorite reading chair, it offers optional service as a plant stand or portable table.

colonial bench

These plans were originally published in Volume 15, Issue 5 of The Woodworker’s Journal (Sept./Oct. 1991, pages 40-41)

Click the symbol below to download plans in pdf-format

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DIY Sunday – Swedish Supper Cart

A plan from Popular Mechanics published in 1940Swedish Supper Cart_post_thumb[2]

They were crazy about plywood and enemal paint back in the forties, but if I should make this cart to day I think I would go for solid wood, birch or ash and give it 6 –7 layers of french wood oil – Ted

Hit the download symbol to download the plans in PDF

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DIY Sunday – Early American Step Table

I’m starting a new posting series to day called as you can see “DIY Sunday”. I’ve noticed that foodies seems to be interested in DIY projects as well as recipes and other food oriented stuff.

I come from a long line of cabinettmakers and carpenters so working in wood lies in my genes and I love finding a nice plan, studying it, maybe do some changes to suit my tastes, then build whatever the plan shows.

Most of these plans will be from the thirtes, a time of hardship when being able to make things yourself saved precious money. Most of the plans comes from Popular Mechanics and similar magazines. A few, like this first one is newer, but will feature classic objects. The plans I post will be in downloadable PDF format, making them easy to print for your convenience.

For the moment this is just a test, but if the posts proves to be popular new ones will follow every Sunday – Ted

Early American Step Table

Hit the download symbol for the plans
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