Danish Almond Crescents / Mandelhorn

A baking recipe found in “MENU Internationalt Madleksikon” (MENU International Food Encyclopeda)
published by Lademann  1976Danish Almond Crescents / Mandelhorn

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Creamy Strawberry Dessert / Kremet Jordbærdessert

A great dessert recipe found on godt.no
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If you have berries in the house it is fun to play around with flavours that blends well – this is how new desserts are born. Eggnog is made from egg yolks and sugar. Mixed with whipped cream it is called “råkrem”.

This dessert is a variation on this, made with cream cheese instead of cream. Heavy, but served with strawberry sauce and combined with crunchy biscuit crumbs the taste becomes fresh, sweet, creamy and very nice. A proper creamy dessert!


Moonlight Pudding / Måneskinnspudding

A classic Norwegian dessert with historic connections
found on detsoteliv.no

This was actually the favourite dessert of Norway’s great composer, Edvard Grieg. Grieg had his last big party under the chandeliers at Engebret Café in Oslo in 1906, the year before he died. On Engebret Café’s website you can read that “at this party real turtle soup, moonlight pudding and sweet Champagne was served”.

By this one should understands that “Moonlight Pudding” was regarded as a luxurious dessert in the past, and that means it is well worth bringing it back on the menu.

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