Carribian Mango Dessert / Karibisk Mango Dessert

A recipe from “The Book of International Cooking”
published by Hamlyn in 1984

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A Woman’s Party Meal For Her Man

Party recipes from “Snarmat Til Hverdag Og fest” (Quick Dishes For Weekdays And Parties) published by N W Damm & Sønn in 1956


This little book does not contain separate recipes, but suggestions to whole meals. That is to say in this case, starter, main dish and desert.


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Fifties Teenage Dance Party Menu

Recipes from the Norwegian cook book “Snarmat for hverdag og fest” (Fast food for everydays and parties) published in 1956.scan_004_post_ill


“Snarmat for hverdag og fest” is a cook book that both feature recipes like other cook books and ready made menus like the one pictured  here all with a delightful fifties flavour both in dishes and images. The small book feature 8 such menus and the rest will follow later on.

In context:
I grew up with teak sandwich platters like the ones on the picture. We used them for breakfast every day, and I still got them and still use them. We even had teak knives for buttering the sandwiches and I still got those too and use them 🙂