Meat Soup with Oatmeal / Kjøttsuppe med Havregryn

A delicious hearty meat soup recipe found on
the soup councilMeat Soup with Oatmeal / Kjøttsuppe med Havregryn

A delicious, hearty soup with game meat or beef for cold autumn and winter evenings. The soup can advantageously be made a day in advance so the flavors can develop.

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Reindeer Balls in Creamy Game Sauce / Reinsdyrkaker i Kremet Viltsaus

A delicious game recipe found on matprat.no282_Reinsdyrkaker i kremet viltsaus_post

If you have got game in the freezer, you can make some amazing meatball with a nice gamey taste. Server the cakes with a creamy game sauce, root vegetables, potatoes and lingonberry jam. Lovely for Sunday dinner!

This recipe is based on reindeer meat, but most North European big game will work just as well –Ted


Poacher’s Pie / Krypskyter Pai

A recipe from “Good Housekeeping – Cooker Book” published in 1976

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Grouse with Grandma’s Sauce / Ryper Med Mormors Saus

A traditional Norwegian game recipe from

traditional badge2I know it’s not quite hunting season yet, at least not here in Norway, but I thought this might give the hunters an idea of how to prepare a good meal from the harvest when the season comes.

As traditional Christmas dinner, for a fall gathering with good friends, or maybe it’s the grouse hunter himself who hosts the party. Grouse tastes great for any occasion.


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914_rype2In context:
Rype, latin name: Lagopus – Lagopus is a small genus of birds in the grouse subfamily, commonly known as ptarmigans. The genus contains three living species with numerous described subspecies, all living in tundra or cold upland areas. Wikipedia

Moose Stew

A recipe from “IKEA’s Kokebok” (IKEA’s Cook Book) published in 1979

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Moose is the most usual big game in Norway and Sweden but other big game like stag or reindeer will work just as well in this stew.


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