Mascarpone Gratinated Blackberries with Orange / Mascarponegratinerte Bjørnebær med Appelsin

A delicious dessert recipe found on
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It is important that the berries are still frozen when placed in the oven. The secret of this dessert is the combination of warm, bubbling cheese with berries that are still slightly frozen. Absolutely delicious!


Gratinated Ham Rolls with Stewed Mushroom / Gratinerte skinkerullader med Soppstuing

A quick and easy snack recipe found in “Varme Småretter”
(Hot Snacks) published by Gyldendal in 1991

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This is a convenient little dish that lends itself well both as a club snack or a Saturday evening meal. You may add a layer of cooked rice in the bottom of the mould if you want to make a more filling dish. Instead of the wine you can pour a little light cream over rolles before gratinating.

Gratinated ham rolls is a dish you can resort to when time is short. put the mould in the microwave and it takes only a minute or two before you can seve the dish.

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Gratinering Coquilles Saint-Jacques à la Bourguignonne / Gratinated Scallops with Herb Butter / Gratinerte Kamskjell med Urtesmør

A appetizer/starter recipe from “Livretter fra Mange Land”
(Favourites from Many Countries) published by
Hjemmets Bokklubb in 1979

coquilles Saint-jacques á la bourguignonne_post

Serve this seafood dish as an appetizer with thin slices of lime or lemon and toasted baguette slices.


Easter Gratinated Lamb Roast / Lammestek Med Påskegrateng

A classic Norwegian lamb recipe found on REMA1000670_gratinert lammestek

Perfect for that Easter mood! Simple, exclusive and wonderfully tasty – roast lamb is for many Norwegians their biggest Easter favourite. Use meat thermometer, so you get a result that is a chef worthy.

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